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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter?

Entering the Fun Run is easy. Simply go to the entry form on the Home Page and fill in the required details. Payment can be made by PayPal.  It is not necessary to have an account with PayPal - a credit or debit card is needed. Online registrations close at 9:00pm Saturday 24 August. After that, you can register and pay on the day, but you will be asked to pay a larger donation of $30 instead of $25 for adults and $20 instead of $15 for students (except Residential College students). 

Can I enter on the day?

Yes you can – although we would prefer you to enter online before 24 August 2019 so that we can cater for the right number of entrants. We would still be happy to see you on the day at our Registration Desks if you can’t manage an earlier entry. You will need to pay by cash or credit card and the donation is $30 for adults and $20 for students ($10 for Residential College Students).

Do I need to register on the day?

When you arrive, you will be ushered to one of our Registration desks so we can check that you have entered. 

Can people come and watch me?

Absolutely. Carers and spectators can attend the grounds on the day for a gold coin donation at the door. There will be food, drinks and stalls at the grounds. 

Can I change from the 2km walk to 5km run, or vice versa?


How do I pay?

You can pay online using PayPal.

If you have not paid by Saturday 24 August at 5pm, you can pay at the Registration Desk by cash or credit card on the day. You will not be able to participate if you have not paid.

Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?

No. Your entry donation is not refundable but it will go to a very worthwhile cause helping world-leading research into youth anxiety and depression.

How do I get an invoice/receipt?

You will get an email confirmation as soon as you have completed the entry form. If you don't please check your SPAM folder. If you need a receipt because you have lost yours, please email info@northrydefunrun.com.au and we will provide one.

What happens if I can't enter online?

If there is a problem with your entry or you can't access the internet, there is a manual entry form available. Please email info@northrydefunrun.com.au or phone 0414 642 948 and we will provide it.

Can I get a tax deduction for my donation?

You can only get a tax deduction if you donate directly to Australian Rotary Health. We have manual donation forms available and you can donate online. If you do, please complete the section about the Rotary Club that referred you with The Rotary Club of North Ryde's name and North Ryde Fun Run and email us a copy of your receipt.

Is there a bag lockup?

It’s best to come with as few valuables as possible but there will be Cloakroom in the Pavilion where your bag can be kept under supervision in plastic bags while you are out there having fun! There will be no charge for this service but you will need to keep your receipt to make sure you can claim your bag without hassle.

Are pets allowed?

No. With the number of people we expect to be involved this will be challenging for most pets – dogs in particular. Please keep your pets at home unless you have a trained guide dog.

Are prams and wheelchairs allowed?

Yes but please be aware that there are steps leading down onto the main oval and you need to take care. Otherwise you can go down the grassed slope but it is quite steep and you may need help.

Can someone who hasn’t entered just join in with me on the day?

Yes they can. Please bring your friends and family with you on the day.  If they want to be part of the 2km or 5km fun run, they will need to register at our Registration Desks on arrival.  Where possible, we would prefer registrations to be completed online before the cut off time Saturday, 24 August 5pm.

What age should children be to enter?

A student entry is someone who is 5 years or older enrolled at an educational facility in Australia. A student can enter any event. Children under 5 cannot enter events but can come as spectators for a gold coin donation at the door. 

Can my parents come along with me?

Yes, your parents and spectators are welcome to come for a donation of a gold coin. The more the merrier. Why not talk them into entering?

Will I get a race number/kit?

This is essentially a Fun Run and not a competitive race. Numbers are not necessary for the 2km event. Numbers will be provided for entrants in the 5km event.  Some registered entrants will also be given a wrist band to wear during the event. Some entrants will be competing in the inter-collegiate games.

How do I enter a Sponsors or Corporate Team?

The North Ryde Fun Run Corporate Challenge is designed for corporate teams of 3 or more people. The Corporate Challenge encourages people working in corporations at Macquarie Park and North Ryde to give back to the community in which they work by supporting the cause of youth mental health research and treatment, and it encourages them to participate in healthy, fun-filled exercise.

The winning Corporate Challenge team is the corporate team that gets the most points.

A corporate team gets 1 participation point for each Fun Run entrant entered in any event:

  • 2km non-competitive Walk/Run
  • Open and Intercollegiate 5km Run/Walk

In addition, corporate teams can participate competitively in the 5km event.  The first corporate team to have a member cross the finish line of the 5km Run race gets 5 points, the second (different) corporate team to have a member cross the finish line  gets 3 points and the third (different again) corporate team to have a member cross the finish line gets 1 point.

These race points are added to the participation points to make the corporate team’s total. The corporate team with the most points wins the Corporate Challenge trophy for the year and their corporate name, along with the date, is featured on a year plate on a perpetual trophy.

The corporate team can display the trophy in their premises for a year (but must return it 2 weeks before the next North Ryde Fun Run). Each individual team member receives a Corporate Challenge Winner’s Certificate.

Corporate teams can register on the Fun Run website, using the Entry Form. More than 1 person can be entered at once so the person registering the team can have ready the team member’s names, contact email and phone numbers, dates of birth, genders as well as their emergency contact names and phone numbers (including area code). The Manual Entry form can be used to collect this information from team members.

Where the form says Corporate Sponsor’s Relay, check that box and enter your corporate name. That will help us identify your team.

On the day, members of your team should wear an item of clothing with your corporate logo or name on it to identify your team.

Will I get a cash prize for winning?

Our event is designed for fun and exercise and cash prizes will not be awarded. There will be a token gift for the first female and the first male across the line in the 5km event. Some entrants are competing in Macquarie University Intercollegiate games and will get points for winning and for participating.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you may cancel before the event but there will be no refund of your payment as your entry fee is a donation to our cause. You cancel by going to the entry login link provided in your confirmation email or to the Fun Run menu item Entry Login and once your record is onscreen, click the Cancel button. You can also substitute someone by changing your entry details on the day at the Registration desk. Please provide a copy of your receipt email at the time.

What happens if it rains on the day?

If it rains, we will still go ahead because there are undercover areas. We will only cancel if the weather is dangerous or if there is a risk of damage to the sports fields surfaces. If we cancel, we will email all entrants and also SMS those who have provided a mobile number. We will put up a cancellation sign at the entrance to the Sport Fields and at the Pavilion. There will be no refunds as your entry fee is a donation to our cause.

Can I get photos of the event?

Yes, there will be photographers at the Fun Run and the photos will be available on our Facebook page after the event.  www.facebook.com/northrydefunrun.

Whom do I contact if I have feedback or questions?

Please email info@northrydefunrun.com.au.